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Like most university students, I needed a job and managed to land myself a position in a daycare centre…

I was majoring in linguistics and thought of one day becoming a speech therapist. But we don’t choose our careers… often our career chooses us.

My pivotal moment began with a little boy. I met him at this daycare. Multiple teachers had quit on him and the staff had labelled him “too difficult”. When I walked into the room for the first time and couldn’t find him, they directed me to the rug in the corner. His favourite spot. This little guy didn’t join circle time, tantrumed if he didn’t get his way and diaper changes seemed almost impossible. He didn’t talk or communicate in any meaningful way.

It was compassion that drove me to research and read so that I could teach myself ways to engage him, play with him and include him in that social setting. The idea of a young child being isolated and alone was heartbreaking… and I knew there must be a way.

Keep in mind, I had no previous experience with Autism, or any training in ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis).  I was purely working out of passion, compassion and an insatiable appetite to make a difference in this one little boy’s life.  There were no lifelong plans or dreams. It was only about him at that moment.

Day after day, I would slowly engage him and pull out his favourite toys and get him to come out from under the rug. I built the trust I needed to start teaching him. I introduced him to sign language and made his world a little easier, a little less demanding, and a lot more fun. Within just a few months, he began talking and participating in group activities.

It was then that I knew that teaching children who were unique and learned differently was the role I was meant to fulfill. I founded Autism Therapy & Training in 2010 and opened the first centre in Woodbridge, Ontario in 2011.

The fast-paced growing field of ABA calls for well-trained front line staff. Learn how the Registered Behaviour Technician credentials can help support your clients and improve your career path. We believe in giving our students the knowledge and training to support their practice with easy to follow powerpoint slides, images, engaging classes and thought provoking quizzes.

Autism Therapy & Training Inc. has been training teachers, behavior therapists, early childhood educators and parents for over a decade in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior (VB). Our online courses provide you with real life stories of successes and challenges to help you in understanding behavior, language and learning. Choose from our selection of courses to boost your knowledge or take our Registered Behavior Technician course sequence and become an RBT.

Our courses are designed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has trained parents, teachers, ECEs and behavior therapists to implement ABA.

Our goal is to spread the knowledge, research and best practice to those that are making a difference everyday in the lives of others by giving them the tools to make a greater change.



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I enrolled in the training course at Autism Therapy & Training just over 3 years ago. This course helped me reach my goal in becoming an Instructor Therapist! This course was great at teaching me how to engage a learner and keep a leaner motivated during therapy. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to start, or already working with children on the autism spectrum.Kay, B.
I had enrolled in the HandsON training program in 2014 at Autism Therapy & Training and I absolutely loved it! I was able to learn various different strategies and skills which helped me in many different ways. With the hands-on training I was able to learn various topics around ABA and Verbal Behaviour, as well got the hands on experience by interacting with the children. After completing the training program, I was hired onto the team as an instructor therapist, and have been apart of it for almost 3 years now. I would really recommend this hands on program to individuals who have a passion for children and want to make a difference!!!Loveleen, K.
The team at Autism Therapy & Training Inc. have managed to create a sense of family at the centre, where the children are able to learn in a positive atmosphere with the support of the team members and where their progress is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm! The continuous training provided to the staff keeps them motivated and prepared to deal with all aspects of a learner's journey. The staff and administration work hand-in-hand with the families and the schools the learners attend to provide comprehensive support, covering various facets of a learner's life, to help meet the goals set out for the learner, allowing them to excel in multiple environments.Reem, E.
In 2013 I enrolled in the HandsON training program at Autism Therapy & Training. I was able to not only learn all the skills and knowledge that I needed to know when working with children with Autism, but able to apply them. To advance my certification I knew the RBT training course would help me develop advanced skills so I am able to provide the highest quality of service and therapy for the children I work with. The program is offered online and throughout the course, Chaza has been able to provide different and real-life examples that help me understand the material that is being taught so I can apply them effectively and efficiently. The course is designed to ensure students help meet the goals that are set for their learner and helps students understand, motivate and teach their learners to the fullest.Aisha, F.

About Chaza Attar

Chaza Attar is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and the founder of Autism Therapy & Training. She achieved her Masters of Applied Disability Studies (M.ADS) from Brock University.

Over the last 12 years, Chaza has been training individuals to start their career as instructor therapist or enhancing their understanding of Autism and Behavior Analysis.

In 2010, Chaza launched the first hands-on training program that allowed new therapists to work along with a trained instructor therapist.


"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow".
~Anthony J. D'Angelo


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